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Full sample kit

Full sample kit

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Includes € 20,00 coupon
By purchasing the COMPLETE Kit you will receive a coupon of € 20,00 valid for your next order on Packly.

The complete sample book includes all Packly sample kits, 70 box models found in the individual sample sets 01, 02, 03, 04, 05 and the Light sample set.
By choosing this solution you will have a complete overview of all Packly box models in our bold library.

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The sample book designs are created ad-hoc for the Packly collection.
On the back of each box you will find the product data sheet, with the description, die cut and QR code that links to the corresponding model, with the dimensions already set, to create the same box with your custom artwork.
Each sample box is shipped inside an outer corrugated box that contains the boxes and the Light sample kit, a folder with samples of the materials and the available embellishments.